About us

NASEBERRY is a scholarly community that focuses on network analysis in social-ecological studies.

We use network analysis to develop theoretical and applied insights into the dynamics and management of rural, urban, and aquatic ecosystems. We use social network analysis (SNA), ecological network analysis, and social-ecological network analysis together with associated theories and methods.

NASEBERRY started in 2009 by Henrik Ernstson, Örjan Bodin and Beatrice Crona when they were all working at the Stockholm Resilience Centre. They felt that some kind of platform were needed to gather the various international scholars and students that were constituting the sub-field of using network analysis in studying natural resource management and social-ecological systems. Early joiners were for instance Christina Prell and Klaus Hubacek. Soon others joined the little community and we often meet at the Sunbelt Conference, where the community has been organising special sessions during several years.

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