Sunbelt presence

Some of us will meet at the 2015 Sunbelt conference in Brighton, UK. Here is a preliminary list of who, what we will talk about, and in what session:

  • James Hollway, “Modelling Time-Stamped Political Relations” (Politics and Networks)
  • Monica Di Gregorio and Dodik Nurrochmad, “Climate Change Policy Networks and policy integration in the land use sector in Indonesia” (Social Networks and Climate Change)
  • Christian Stein, “Governing the nexus: from buzzwords to a strategic relational approach” (Networks and Natural Resource Management)
  • Dražen Cepic, “Personal Networks and Fisheries Co-Management on Lake Victoria, East Africa” (Networks and Natural Resource Management)
  • Lorien Jasny, “A Typology of Embeddedness: An Application to Civic Organizations in Cape Town, South Africa”
  • Michele Barnes, “Social Networks and Coupled Outcomes in a Marine Social-Ecological System” (Networks and Natural Resource Management)
  • Örjan Bodin, “Analyzing the (mis)fit between the institutional and ecological networks of the Indo-West Pacific” (Networks and Natural Resource Management)
  • Angela Guerrero Gonzalez, “Achieving social-ecological fit through collaborative natural resource management” (Networks and Natural Resource Management)
  • Jesse Sayles, “Social-ecological network analysis of scale-mismatches in estuary watershed restoration” (Networks and Natural Resource Management)
  • Tobias Luthe, “Leverage hubs in a social-ecological network to address resilience of a mountain region” (Applying Network Knowledge)
  • Leandra Fatorelli, “Comparing climate change adaptation and mitigation networks in the land use sector in Brazil: enabling factors for policy integration” (Changing Power Relations in Forest and Climate Change Policy Networks)